News 2022-08-15

Rianlon was invited to give a keynote speech at the 2022 China Polyolefin Conference

The 2022 China Polyolefin Conference was held in Chongqing from 10-12 August 2022. Rianlon was invited to attend the conference. Mr. He Jiawei, Director of polyolefin department, and Ms. Han Ying, technical Marketing Manager of polyolefin, attended the conference as representatives.


In response to the new trends and technologies in the industry, Rianlon has been constantly moving forward. Han Ying, the technical marketing manager of polyolefin, gave a speech on "Anti-ageing solutions for Polyolefin" on innovative anti-aging solutions and future upgrades for polyolefin products.

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“As one of the few companies in the world with a complete range of anti-aging portfolios. The dual lines of antioxidants and light stabilizers are the foundation to support our one-stop solution for polyolefin anti-aging.” He Jiawei, the director of polyolefin department. We’ll continue to adhere to our mission and strive to be the global leader in anti-aging technology for polymer materials.”