News 2022-07-15

New Formulation |Rianlon New Breakthrough in PU Leather Discoloration Resistance

PU leather thin products are easy to discolors to reddish brown when in contact with nitrogen oxides in the air, Rianlon innovative formulation helps to enhance the weather resistance of the material as well as solve the discoloration issue. Let's take a look!

Compared with genuine leather, polyurethane leather has excellent advantages such as light weight, wear resistance, low price, etc. Additionally, more surface designs can be applied to PU leather, greatly enhancing the beauty and variety of products. Numerous items that we use every day, including sofa fabric, car interior, shoes, bags, clothing, and more, are made of PU leather.

However, the common issues with polyurethane materials, such as aging and cracking when exposed to light, heat, etc., also apply to PU leather. Manufacturers often add anti-aging additives, such as antioxidants, light stabilizers, etc. to address this issue. However, this creates a new issue since PU leather is a thin material with a typical thickness of dozen to hundreds of microns, PU leather easily discolors when is in contact with nitrogen oxides in the air. The majority of anti-aging products on the market today not only don't work to prevent discoloration but instead speed it up. Even though certain antioxidants can be slightly enhanced, the discoloration issue still cannot be resolved entirely.


As a globally leading supplier of anti-aging additive products and solutions, Rianlon has a wealth of expertise in preventing the aging of polyurethane materials and continues to do research and development in this field.

The new additive for PU leather pulp introduced today is an innovative formula in our anti-aging U-pack® product series. It not only improves the weather resistance, but also solves the discoloration problem.

As shown in the experiment, the control group with conventional solution turned completely red after phenolic yellowing test and the color was significantly deepened after UV aging test. In contrast, the sample with Rianlon new U-pack® formulation did not turn red at all, and the color after UV aging was almost unchanged. It can be seen that the weathering performance of PU leather has been greatly improved, and the discoloration problem has been solved.

There are clearly many challenges facing both upstream and downstream suppliers in the polyurethane business due to rising customer demands and a complicated, changing market. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity for Rianlon. We are confident in our ability to take on the challenge and provide more top-notch, cutting-edge antioxidant and light stabilizer products and solutions for our customers.