News 2020-08-10

Rianlon Celebrate the 17th Anniversary on the 7th of August, 2020


Rianlon’s men and women gathered together at Tianjin headquarter to celebrate the 17th anniversary on the 7th of August 7.


We sang a happy birthday song together to wish the company ever-lasting successes and creating new glories continuously.Mr. Li Haiping, Chairman of Rianlon, gave a speech to thank all of the contributions and hardworking from all the employees.


At the same time, he also addressed that “The company has grown with the wave of China's reform and the rapid development of industries in China. We, therefore, have achieved vigorous successes and development from a small company became one of the top leading anti-agent company with RMB 2.2 Billion revenues. At the same time, the global epidemic, Covid-19, has caused the world lots of uncertainties and created lots of internal and external operating pressures to Rianlon and other the other companies. However, we will stick together as a team and continuously execute our strategic intend and mission to advance further step by step.”


He also added, Rianlon has always focused on anti-aging of polymer materials during these 17 years. Our mission is to extend the life of materials and save resources for mankind; it adheres to the value of "customer-centered, and the balance of interests of employees, shareholders and society”.


We have gone through a seventeen-year journey together from 2003 to 2020, Let’s continue our journey with full of hopes and dreams, facing the future challenges confidently, and create a more brilliant tomorrow for Rianlon!